Cleaner-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is quickly becoming one of the best alternative options to fuel American vehicles. Since North America holds the largest supply of natural gas in the world, there is a need for innovative technology that will capitalize on this great resource. Venchurs Vehicle Systems is your solution. Unlike many other firms in the industry, VVS is a Ford Qualified Vehicle Modifier of CNG systems. This means you’ll maintain the Ford warranty when we convert your vehicle and be able to finance the cost of the conversion through Ford Credit. In addition, we have drop-ship and ship-thru options for the full Ford line-up of vehicles, including Transit Connect, Transit, F-150, F-250/350, F-440/550, and F-650/750.

For most companies CNG conversions make sense not only economically, but also by supporting their efforts toward a cleaner environment.  This is especially true of companies working in the energy sector.
Installing a CNG system usually isn’t the only item needed in a conversion. Venchurs can also take care of any other upfitting that needs to happen to make your vehicle usable, including graphics, safety equipment, telematics, lightbars, etc.
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